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The New York Football Giants are 3-7 starring down their third consecutive year missing the playoffs. Eli Manning is coming off one of the worst performances of his year in which he threw an astonishing 5, yes 5! interceptions. The wheels have come off for the second straight year dropping 5 games in a row. So the question remains to be asked…now what? Who’s to blame for a second straight year of failure for the Big Blue Wrecking Crew? Is it Coughlin? Is it Jerry Reese? Is it Eli? Lot of questions remained unanswered but here’s my look into a troubling trend that is the NY Giants Football Team.

As a Giants fan I for the better part of the last decade have at least had the benefit of being able to look at the green team across the conference and think, well at least I’m not a Jets fan. Could that actually be the reverse now? Jets fans feeling sorry for Giants fans? The truth is, the organization is a far cry from the stability of 2007-2009 that saw the franchise win 2 Super Bowls much to the dismay of Patriot fans everywhere. So what has gone wrong? Has Eli regressed to a less than ELITE QB?

Tom Coughlin is possibly the most important coach in Giants history not named Bill Parcells. He’ll undoubtedly end up in the Giants Ring of Honor and likely the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That being said, is it time for him to go? It’s looking like the third straight season where the Giants will be watching the playoffs from the sideline. Is that hard-nosed, this is your job mentality starting to wear on Giants personnel?

For all that Jerry Reese has done to build two Super Bowl champion teams, you can argue the last 5 years have been pretty brutal from a draft room perspective. Countless misses, and a seemingly irrational desire to completely ignore the Giants offensive line and linebacking depth or lack there of have left the team a mess up front on both sides of the balls. It looks like he has a nice talent in Odell Beckham Jr. but being able to pick a quality player in the first 15 picks shouldn’t be that much to write home about. If you want my opinion, it’s unfortunately time for Reese to go. This team has been floundering around in mediocrity for far to long and I think you can point the finger squarely at the teams inability to address key issues on the offensive line, and linebacking core.

So what do the Giants do? Fire Reese? Fire Coughlin? Cut Eli? There are a lot of glaring holes on this team and a seemingly lack of talent on both sides of the ball. You can point the finger anywhere you’d like considering how bad they’ve been but who gets axed?