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So being that it’s the day before Thanksgiving I figured it was time to have a reflective, what I’m thankful for type blog. The problem is with these type of posts is that I honestly don’t know if anybody else takes the time to look inward and see just how lucky we all really are. It’s a shame that a holiday has me being mindful of just how lucky I am for everything I have in my life but I’m going to roll with it regardless.

Truthfully, I feel as a generation we do a really piss poor job of being thankful. We have parents who worked their entire lives to give us every thing we could ever want. Whether it was video games, trips to Disney World, whatever. As a kid I wanted for absolutely nothing and I was still at times a little bastard. As a country, we’re all concerned with more and more and what’s new rather than being truly grateful for the shit we already have. It blows my mind. I’ve absolutely fallen into this unfortunate category throughout my life but I’ve done the best I can for a long time to remain steadfast in the belief that my life is seriously a blessing and I need to take the time to appreciate the things and most importantly the PEOPLE in it.

People just don’t seem to be appreciative of what they have anymore. We’re bred into a culture of status, of wanting to obtain as much wealth as possible. We glorify possessions like cars, houses, and luxury watches. All the while we lose the true meaning of what is important in life. You’re here for a fraction of time. A very finite, small, inconsequential period of time. If you live to be 75 years of age you’ll see roughly 27,000 days. Of those days, how many of them will you spend chasing the newest gadget or the latest designer handbag?

I’m going to stop here. I know I come off incredibly preachy and I’ve really been trying like hell not to. The truth is, I know I’m a fucking idiot and I’ve made countless mistakes in my life, and will continue to do so. The difference is, I truly reflect on my idiotic ways and try to alter them as best I can to make myself a better person even if I fail almost every day. The simple fact of the matter is that we have such a short period of time with the loved ones in our lives. With our friends, and with our families. This Thanksgiving, maybe take a moment to look around your table and realize that you’re insanely lucky. That everywhere there are people who don’t have it as good as you and might not be sitting at a table looking at people that love them.

I’m not going to preach any more, I’m just going to finish with stating the simple fact. I have a truly blessed life. I have an amazing family that I have no idea where I’d be without and I have amazing friends that will be there for me no matter what. These are the things that matter to me and I have to do a better job of showing that. And so should you.