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So it was another year mired in irrelevancy for the New York Yankees. Were it not for the now complete retirement of longtime captain Derek Jeter would the team have even been in the news? So you have a season where your starting rotation was borderline destitute and ravaged with injuries. The bright side? If Mashiro Tanaka and CC Sabathia can come back from injuries you have a legit front end to your starting rotation if you’re able to resign Brandon McCarthy. So while you have a glaring hole on the left side (and right side?) of your infield at least your rotation looks DECENT. So here’s some moves I would be looking to if I was Brian Cashman.

First and foremost, sign Max Scherzer and Jon Lester. I don’t care what the price is. You spent a bajillion dollars this past off season and it didn’t work. Guess what? That’s only strike one. With Lester AND Scherzer in the mix the Yankees have without question the most dominant rotation in baseball. Maybe ever. With a rotation like that you can make up for the fact that you have a 40 year old 3rd baseman who may or may not play more than 70 games. And a first baseman in Texiera who’s looking like a gigantic bus after having what I can only chalk up as one decent season in 2009. Once this beast of a rotation is locked up they can star looking to fixing their real needs, the infield.

Look, you’re not going to replace a Derek Jeter next season if ever so don’t even try. But we do have a need for at least a 2nd baseman, maybe a 3rd baseman, and definitely a short stop. First and foremost sign Jed Lowrie. Definitely one of those moneyball type players and someone who’s very serviceable in the field. At only 30 years old I think we can expect more than the .091 batting average we got from Stephen Drew.

Shortstop: Asdrubal Cabrera. Risky signing as he’s a very streaky hot and cold type hitter but I think he’s got at least 2-3 good/highly productive years and in the Yankees lineup he’s not going to be asked to do anything crazy. Solid opportunity for a decent middle infield with Lowrie/Cabrera.

Third base: I think we should try very hard to resign Chase Headley. In the event that we can’t there’s a suspect Mark Reynolds and the elephant in the room Pablo Sandoval. It’s said Sandoval prefers the NL and would like to resign with the Giants but could you blame the Yankees for making a run at him? He’s a playoff BEAST and with him at 3rd you could comfortably substitute in ARoid and Texiera in and out of first base and the DH slot. So what are your thoughts as to what the Yanks will do in the next couple of weeks?