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Ever send a text message and not get a response? Ever leave a voicemail and not get a response? Ever send any type of communication and not get a response? If you answered no you’re a fucking liar. If you answered yes welcome to the club. It’s the most annoying and irritating thing to wait for a response. Because we live in this instant gratification society with read receipts on every messaging app alive, you know when someone is not answering you. Even if it’s not something important you find yourself freaking out because they never got back to you. And three text messages later you make yourself look like a complete loony toon.

Here’s my point… Show some restraint. Moral of this story is as follows, send a message. One message. If it’s not responded too in ten minutes…don’t send another word. Seriously you’ll thank me. Especially if you’re texting a girl. Man do you come off as crazy and controlling and SUPER stalkerish if you start blowing her up with 5 texts because she didn’t answer what her favorite color or movie was. So the plan here is very simple, when in a conversation assume that the other person has something going on other then going back and forth to their phone every five seconds to see what new fun and interesting thing you have to say. Put the phone down. You’ll thank me for it later. Oh and don’t send single character text messages.

A ? (question mark) is not a wise move. Is not a text it’s like saying WTF is wrong with you and why are you ignoring me, and I’m feeling super insecure right now so please answer me. That’s what it really comes down to, you feeling insecure in yourself and not being able to handle the fact that someone isn’t responding to you. Shit what did they do back in the day when the only way to communicate was by actual mail, hand written letters. Well grandma didn’t write me back in 2 days, she must be dead. Like seriously people we’re so entrenched in a world with instant communication we can’t handle being ignored for 5 fucking minutes. PUT THE PHONE DOWN. SERIOUSLY. You’ll be fine I promise. Be confident that for whatever reason you’re not getting a response it’s not something you necessarily have to worry about. So just move on and occupy yourself with out obsessing on whether you felt the vibrate or if your phone is on silent. If the person wants to write you back, I promise they will. And if they don’t? Well…sorry haha.