Foods That are Aphrodisiacs

Foods That are Aphrodisiacs

Thought this would make for a somewhat interesting post. Food is a huge turn on for some people (there are those freakish foodies out there who like to “sloosh” and throw shit all over themselves, this is not what I’m talking about) but there are a number of foods that trigger sexual stimulus inside of humans. Here is a list of the top ten I found very interesting.

Asparagus 1. Asparagus: Definitely not something I expected to find via Google, but apparently asparagus is one of the top aphrodisiacs out there…It has a high source of potassium, fiber, vitamins B6, A, and C and thiamin and folic acid. (that’s what she said). Folic acid apparently is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasms for men and women. Interesting? I agree.

Almonds2. Almonds: Very weird, because I personally hate nuts. (no that wasn’t a gay joke) But seriously I do. But apparently the smell of almonds increases the desire in women’s nether regions. Can’t say I agree but hey maybe I lack the appropriate plumbing.

Avacados 3. Avocado: I’m not going to say that picture looks like a vagina. (but it does) Avocado’s Another food on our list that is high in folic acid, avocado’s were actually banned by Catholic priests in Spain because the fruit hung in pairs not unlike a pair of balls. True story, ask Mr. Google.

Basil4. Basil: Now I know way back in the day basil was actually used as a fresh maker for bad breath. True story. But the smell of basil actually causes increased arousal in both men and women. Not to mention that when consumed it stimulates blood flow leading to increased sexual awareness. Go figure. I knew being Italian ruled.

Bananas5. Bananas: Aside from the obvious fact of the phallic nature of this fruit, bananas have some other reasons to be on this list. Apparently the fruit carries a bromeliad enzyme which is supposedly said to enhance male libido. Who knew?

chocolate6. Chocolate: First off allow me to start with the fact that I absolutely love chocolate. NO, it does not turn me on in any weird way I’m just a big fan of a piece of Hersey’s Milk Chocolate every now and then. But chocolate actually contains a chemical called (phenylethylamine) which is called the “love chemical” by scientists. This chemical releases dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain during orgasms. Who knew this is why women loved chocolate so much?

Champagne7. Champagne: This little bubbly drink is often used on special occasions. Whether champagne  is the reason a lot of these special nights end with sex is beyond me. But there’s something about a little bubbly that gets a woman in the mood. Obviously the alcohol helps.

Truffles8. Truffles: Your guess is as good as mine on this one, but something with the smell and the combination of chocolate has truffles landing on our list at number 8.

Oysters9. Oysters: Yuck. No turn on here. But apparently some oysters change their sex from male to female and back again. Apparently people believe this allows people to experience the masculine and feminine sides of love. Not really but apparently so.

Figs10. Figs: Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Fig Newton? I know I do. I can’t exactly say that they get me turned on but they are quite delectable. Figs have long been discussed as a passion fruit in both literature and art. And, did you know that Adam and Eve were said to wear fig leafs way back in the day? Haha, who would’ve thunk it. I thought they were rockin maple leafs. Sorry Canadians, fail again.

Just a brief list of some of the foods I was able to find online. What do you think? Any of these foods get you in the mood to get down?

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  1. I’d have to say chocolate makes most sense to me but who knows!


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