Katie Nolan is my Hero

There are few sports personalities out there that compare to Katie Nolan. First off, she’s got a perfect potty mouth AKA she curses like a sailor and apparently drinks like one as well. Enjoy this video because you can literally watch her getting drunk as the short 3 minute clip proceeds.


The Last Ship

The Last Ship

Call me a sucker for potentially awesomely bad television but TNT’s The Last Ship kind of has me hooked. It’s cheesy awkward story lines and mediocre acting has me utterly enthralled in the story. The premise is fairly simple, a super virus is killing off the worlds populations at an alarming rate and there’s one ship left with the hopes of mankind firmly strapped to their cannons. That cannon reference is a joke to Rhona Mitra, the super hot doctor lady who’s tasked with developing a vaccine to save the world. I love her. I really do. I’m not sure how old Rhona is now but she just seems to get better with age. But that’s a bit off on a tangent, back to the story.


This show stars the aforementioned Mitra and Eric Dane as the captain of the “Last Ship”. They’ve been trekking all around Alaska, Nigeria, and Guantanamo Bay looking for supplies and items they need to make this vaccine and save the world. If the show sounds lame, maybe it kind of is but for some reason any type of apocalyptic show gets my attention. This show isn’t anything to write home about but something that I find myself watching every Sunday and I have no idea why. Let’s see if TNT can keep up the goods and maintain my attention for a full season.



This afternoon with some time on my hands I decided to check out this weekend’s biggest hit Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson. Having scored itself an impressive opening weekend topping $44 Million in North America alone, I was excited to check out the film. While I must admit, I went into the movie theatre with very low expectations for this poor man’s Limitless, I was none the less, not terribly disappointed in the film and here’s why:

First: The movie is only 90 minutes. For me it’s very difficult a movie that short to be anything to disappointing. While the story lacks, and Johansson’s attempt at providing an “emotionless performance” I felt the movie progressed and got to the point in a decent time length.

Second: Scarlett Johansson. Let’s just say this, I am a big, BIG ScarJo fan. I find her to be incredible in roles like Lost in Translation, as well as Marvel’s The Avengers. She’s hot. Let’s be real. She wasn’t asked to do anything to crazy in Lucy but I think she’s proving herself able to carry a film all by herself. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have Morgan Freeman in the film with you as well.

Third: Creativity. While many people have bitched and moaned about a film exploiting a woman’s ability to access 100% of her brain (feminists need to chill the fuck out) I felt the entire premise to be somewhat interesting. If humans had the ability to unlock more than 10% of their brains what would happen?


All in all, I give Lucy a 6-10. It’s not a great film, it’s not overly dramatic or exciting but it does give you a nice 90 minute break in your day and provides a few cool points for discussion.

An Open Letter to the HIMYM Creators

An Open Letter to the HIMYM Creators

Since Open Letters are apparently all the rage lately, I figured I’d pen one in defense of my dear friends (I Wish) Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the creators of How I Met Your Mother.

Dear Mr. Bays and Mr. Thomas,

First let me begin by stating that for the better part of the last nine years, from 8:00-8:30pm on Monday evenings, you have had my attention. Over the course of 208 episodes, and 6,240 minutes you gained mine as well as countless of other millions of people’s adoration for Ted, Barney, Robin, Marshall, and Lilly. I can say that I am truly marveled at the way you were able to weave such an intricate story around a group of friends growing up together in Manhattan. This story was about Ted, sure and how he met his wife, but ultimately it was a story of life, and your ability to tell that story is something that I will surely miss. So now that you have a clear understanding just how much this show has meant to me over the past almost decade, I have to say, I’m a bit upset with you…and it’s not because of the finale.

Carter, Craig, stick to your guns. The fact that you are choosing to include an ‘alternate ending’ into the prized compilation DVD pack of HIMYM is both infuriating and disheartening. Not because I purchased every season via iTunes each year, but because it shows that you’re bending to the whims of others. You two had a concept, an idea, a story, and crafted that story 8 years ago. Granted you had no way of knowing just how long that story would go on for and at times it showed, I feel that by providing fans of the show an alternate ending goes completely against what you stood for over the last 9 seasons.

I have found myself squarely in the minority, I happened to love, yes, LOVE the finale. I think that while speaking of the death of the mother in a very short 30 second span may have been a mistake, ultimately I like that you had Ted end things how it started, with a blue french horn outside of Robin’s apartment. Adding that ‘gut wrenching scene’ at Tracy’s funeral would have accomplished what exactly? This story wasn’t about the relationship of Ted and his wife it was the story about how he MET her.

Listen, I’m your guys biggest fan. I will give How I Met Your Daddy(father?) a chance because I believe in your abilities as story tellers and because I enjoy the work you two do. I have my reservations about the last season sure. I wasn’t the biggest proponent of the whole season over a weekend bit, but you know what? The way you threw in flash backs and flash forwards almost made it work. I didn’t like how you choose to leave some strings unaccounted for, (what the fuck was up with the pineapple?!) but all in all, you did justice to the series and for that I’m thankful.

I think the one thing fans of the show are missing, and the reason they’re so outraged about the finale is because they felt your ending was a cop out. It was a way to bring things full circle and the manner for which you chose to end the wife was quick and abrupt. To them I say they need to pay better attention. As was a common theme throughout the show, it is amazing the amount of time you spend thinking about the small things in life, and how quickly you pass over the truly important events in it. As in, the most minuscule events often gain your most attention and your most reminiscing.

I think this is where your fans need to cut you some slack. Life is a journey and often times you have to realize that the journey is a marathon and not a sprint. Ted spent countless nights on dates with random women and dated tons of others in the hopes of finding the one for him. And he did. Sadly in the story as with life, you’re not always afforded the time you deserve with people and that just goes back to proving just how we as people think about our lives.

At the end of the day guys, I applaud you. I think you did a tremendous job writing a story and telling a story about LIFE. This wasn’t How Ted Met his soulmate/love of his life and spent the rest of his days with her. It was how he met his kids mother. Ultimately, that person isn’t always going to be the person you grow old with.  Life is short and sweet yes, and often times we put much to much thought and time into the things that don’t matter and you pass over very quickly the events or people that do. Perhaps your finale, your story, could help people realize that very fact and change their perceptions on how we think.


Thank you.


Your Friend,





Californication Returns

Californication Returns

So I’m a bit late to the party seeing as it’s two episodes into the final season of Californication but I figured a Tuesday was as good as any to recap. First of all, my affinity for Hank Moody is deep. Hank is everything I hope to one day be. That being a unemployed, alcoholic, meandering, man-whore. I’m setting the bar high for myself. Anyway, that was a tangent. Back to Californication. The seventh and final season of one of cables greatest secrets began with an epic bomb…a bastard love child that is awesomely played by that kid from Project X (Oliver Cooper).

Heather Graham arrives to play the kids mom and has a bunch of seriously harsh words for Hank. Giving him the out he wants or assumes he wants by telling him to basically back the fuck up. It’s all a bit tit for tat but Hank takes it pretty much in stride. We’re also brought into an apparently gigantic issue with my favorite character Charlie Runkel, not being able to get it up with his ex wife now wife again Marcy. Poor guy, little wang and now can’t even get the little guy up. There’s a hilarious scene where he thinks he’s having a heart attack and he finally gets a hard on while staring down some young girls shirt, typical Runkel.

Anyway, the season is off to a bit of a slow start sans new characters like Michael Imperioli and the introduction of the bastard kid. Not sure what role Becca is going to be playing in the final season but I for one sure hope she’s a part of the final season. The story line of her and Hank always made for some really good scenes. Finally, I hope that this show ends with Hank and Karen together, any other ending and I for one will be massively disappointed.