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Someone once asked me how old is too old when it comes to dating? I’m white is it ok for me to hookup with a black person? I mean seriously I feel like these were stigmas and problems of a past generation. It’s 2014. The time is now to be happy why should it matter how old or young a person is. Well young that’s definitely a legal question but regardless. My parents are 6 years apart. 6. that means when my dad was graduating high school my mom was in 6th grade. Yes that sounds terrible but it’s true. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to age. Now granted TOO big of a gap is a problem. If I’m a 23 year old girl I can’t be dating a guy twice my age. Or should I even really be dating a guy 35+. Now while society has it’s reasons for imprinting on us what they deem acceptable mine is a much simpler math.

I’m 28. I can’t date a woman who is 50. She is biologically undesirable. While I can have a ton of fun with a woman who is 50 realistically she’s old enough to be my mother, and may or may not be one of my friends parents. The point being that for long term happiness I do honestly believe a ten year gap is a maximum. I will definitely agree that society puts pressures on us to be thing, look a certain way, date a certain age, and it’s all well and good. Your happiness is the most important thing to me and should be to yourself. But be reasonable and realize the error in your judgement. If you’re a 21-25 year old girl and your boyfriend is 35-55 isn’t that not only a bit creepy but a bit genetically undesirable. If you’re ready to be married by 30 he’s going to be 40 or 60 by the time that comes around! While you have your whole life in front of you they’re on the back 9. That’s horrible I know but be realistic in your expectations of dating someone who is significantly older or younger.

There is no concrete mathematical formula for finding success in dating. Age is only a number and you truly are only as old as you feel. But if you’re expecting certain things out of life then it should be your number one mission to date someone of an appropriate age. Now I know you’re going to ignore me because a lot of times I ignore my own advice and don’t even do half the shit I preach. But be wise. Too big a gap really is only going to end badly for one or both of you.

Another thing that bothers me is the whole race card. Listen people it’s 20 fucking 10. Get over the stereotypes. Seriously. I’ve dated Black, Asian, American Indian, Latina, all the worlds got to offer and never once has a color of a girls skin stopped me from approaching them. It’s a non issue. Grow a pair of balls and buck society’s cookie cutter fucking impression of what a couple should be. Besides have you ever seen how cute a little Asian kid is? Come on who doesn’t want one of those?