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What is attraction really? Is it your dick getting hard? Is it your nipples perking up? I mean honestly what is attraction? There have been countless books written and will be countless theories written about what attraction is so don’t expect to get a straight forward answer from me. Honestly what the hell do I know? Is it a number of random events that lead to love? Is it a seemingly meaningless connection that blossoms into something special? I mean honestly it’s probably all of these things and maybe none of them as well. The trick is to not fool yourself into thinking an initial attraction or spark is enough to propel a relationship into existence.

I’ve stated quite a few times that I believe in love at first sight. The problem is there is also LUST at first sight. Meaning wow that girl/guy is hot I need to hookup with them. This is different. Quite different from love at first sight. The problem is people often fool themselves into thinking that lust at first sight is more than what it actually is. You need to realize that the most common of events usually ends up being the outcome. Meaning if I meet a girl 9/10 times it’s going to be lust at first sight. But maybe, just maybe that one time, she’s going to be very special for me.

Look one thing you really have to figure out is that at times while you maybe attracted to a particular person, the feelings might not be mutual. This is not to discourage you but for you to realize that at times, you’re going to be attracted to someone, think you’re hitting it off, when it’s really not the case. Realize that these things happen and move on. If it’s not someone who’s going to be special in your life, move on. It won’t crush you I promise. 90% of the time you’ll end up doing better in the end anyway. I want you to take this post as a 100% positive. When you go out every night you have the opportunity to meet someone special. And for those of us in the dating world that is a very exciting prospect. So take the opportunities you have to live life to the fullest and meet some cool, new, interesting people.